Thursday, September 26, 2013

Three Blogs I Love

If you are looking to expand your understanding of technology in education and you already have a sturdy foundation, I would recommend these three blogs to you.  The last one, Edutopia, also has content related to all areas of education.

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning
The author, Med Kharbach, describes the blog as "a resource of educational tools and mobile apps for teachers and educators".  Topics include: posters, iPad resources, teacher guides, YouTube for teachers, teacher tools and free downloads.

Free Technology for Teachers
Richard Byrne provides amazing free tools to teachers with quick explanations on how to use them.  His tabs include: iPad apps for schools, Google tutorials, free guides, alternative to YouTube, video creation resources, and creating blogs and websites.

Edutopia is a wonderful resource tech tools, lessons, new teacher tips, grade level appropriate material, and almost any other topic related to education.  They host educational blogs (which is why I have included it here), classroom guides, videos and educational resources.  If ever you are stumped by a problem, I encourage you to look here.

Edudemic just reposted their "Fabulous Education Technology Blogs Worth Following".

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