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Educational Resources & Tech Tools 05/02/2018

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Educational Resources & Tech Tools 04/11/2018

    • In this day and age, both the QUANTITY and the QUALITY of information has radically changed. This is a critical problem, because our psychological systems and our abilities for cognitive control are being pushed to their limits.
    • Noise today is defined as the combination of three things. First – relentless distraction (another text, another photo, another video…and on and on). Second – data overload (can’t possibly keep up). Third – distorted information (false “facts”, misleading stories, “hype”, deceptive websites, etc.).
    • Choice-Fullness is the power and awareness to choose wisely…to make purposeful choices that create meaning, fulfillment and authentic engagement in our lives…and the lives of those around us.
    • The Center For Innertainment believes that we can USE the entertainment medium in new and unique ways, to increase our expansion of human development and move us toward “high brain” executive functioning and along with it, higher levels of Choice-Fullness.
    • The Innertainment Playbook with its range of toolbox activities, provides Choice-Fullness strategies with an entertainment “twist”, for setting goals, time management, time design, communication, daily elevation and for developing our individual and unique personal story.


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Thursday, March 29, 2018

Educational Resources & Tech Tools 03/30/2018

    • “We have not found a single case of a school improving its student achievement record in the absence of talented leadership.”
    • students’ mind-sets were twice as powerful in predicting scores as home environment and demographics were.
    • Principals set the culture by their very behavior — the message is the person.
    • Research suggests that it takes five to seven years for a principal to have full impact on a school, but most principals burn out and leave in four years or less. Chicago has one of the highest principal retention rates of any large urban system, 85 percent. Principals are given support, training and independence.
    • successful principals made 20 to 60 spontaneous classroom visits and observations per week.
    • In other words, they are high-energy types constantly circulating through the building, offering feedback, setting standards, applying social glue.
    • successful schools are truly collaborative.
    • When you learn about successful principals, you keep coming back to the character traits they embody and spread: energy, trustworthiness, honesty, optimism, determination.

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