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Educational Resources & Tech Tools 08/31/2014

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    • Brand-building is about discovering your story and expressing your passion and values.
    • Having a clear idea of how to visually express your brand is key. Get as many magazines as you can and tear out all of the pictures that speak to you. Or go online to Getty Images or iStock to search for images.
    • think of your brand as a living, breathing person. Is your company solid and stalwart like Abe Lincoln? Gregarious and outgoing like Oprah? Or dashing and adventurous like Richard Branson?
    • If your brand is modern and hip, look for fresher, more contemporary color palettes. If your brand is classic and timeless, look for more traditional palettes.
    • Choose your fonts
    • Remember. Serif fonts tend to be more traditional. Sans serif fonts tend to be more modern. Some fonts are masculine and some are feminine. Pick the fonts that fit best with your adjectives, photographs, celebrity, and colors.
    • Put together a collage that includes your adjectives, images, celebrity photos, paint chips, and fonts. Step back. Does it feel right?
    • As a rule, the simpler the better for logos.
    • Business cards are still a highly effective way to cement a new relationship with a potential customer
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    • 1.  Check zoning laws.
    • Even if you have to convert a closet into a tiny office, or section off a corner of the bedroom with a folding screen, do what it takes to stake out a clear working space.
    • Find a childcare arrangement that gives you at least a few hours of uninterrupted work time
    • Set clear working hours that your family, friends and clients can count on, and stick to them as best you can
    • How can I gracefully exit these situations? Be polite, but firm, in letting “interrupters” know that you’re working
    • Spend what you need to on a quality office chair, a desk at the proper height, and accessories like headsets, wrist rests and lumbar pillows to keep yourself in proper alignment. Step away from the computer regularly to stretch your body and rest your eyes.
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    • Consumers expect next to immediate responses and interaction on social media.
    • evelop a posting calendar (depending on the platform this could range from once a day to 3-4 times a day when you’re getting started) and establish posting guidelines that include the types of content you want to post, your brand voice, response rates and more. Hootsuite is a great tool to help manage conversations, schedule posts and save you time.
    • Create an email blast to send out to your database using a platform like MailChimp (simple to use and free for up to 2500 subscribers) inviting them to connect with you online. 
    • Our rule of thumb for content is to maintain a 70-20-10 split – 70% original content, 20% repurposed and 10% promotional.
    • Always include a call to action in your posts.
    • These CTAs can be simple - ‘click the link to read our article on how to manage stress’ or ‘like this post if you agree’
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    • From day one every entrepreneur should ask themselves: Who am I? What makes my product/service different? What is the central message behind my business? Why should anyone else care?
    • You are in business to solve problems. Instead of lowering your prices, show your customers how your services and products can solve their specific problems.
    • As an entrepreneur, you first need to ensure that your services and products have  value, and then you must work on selling that value to your customers.
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Educational Resources & Tech Tools 08/15/2014

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Educational Resources & Tech Tools 08/09/2014

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