Thursday, September 5, 2013

Pinterest, Evernote and Pocket

I read an article last year by a person who said that there are three tools that allow him to be super efficient in his work.  Two of those tools were Pocket and Evernote.  I wish I could remember who posted the article so I could give him proper credit; alas, I didn't save it to either Pocket, Evernote or Diigo- how ironic!  Oh well, let's move ahead.  Below I'll quickly explain how and why I use each tech tool.  If you want to see a screencast of this information, click on the video at the bottom.

Pinterest: Pinterest is a visual curation site. Think of it as a bulletin board where you can tack up images of things you like.  It's great for collecting ideas that have some visual component to them.  In terms of education, you might use it for classroom design or projects with students.  For me, Pinterest is more for personal collections- cooking, home decor, fashion.

Evernote:  Evernote is an application that let's you write notes and access them anywhere.  If you download the application to all of your devices (phone, tablet, computer), you can easily access your notes anywhere.  You can also access them via the web which means if you are without your personal devices, you can still get hold of your notes.  Furthermore, you can tag (label) your notes in multiple way and save them to folders.  This means if you can't quite remember where you put that note, you can type in one of your tags and find it.  Last bit on can also save websites here.  This way you have your notes and websites in the same place.  You can also highlight and take notes just like in Diigo.

Pocket: Pocket used to be known as Read It Later.  Here's how it works.  Once you have downloaded the extension for your browser (a little button that lives in your browser toolbar), you can click when you are on a webpage that you want to come back to later.  This isn't a bookmarker per se.  Think of it more as a place where you collect all of those pieces you want to read when you FINALLY have time!  Once you are finished reading the article, you either delete it or archive it OR... you could even save it to Evernote or Diigo.

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