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Educational Resources & Tech Tools 09/30/2016

  • These are online classes for teachers looking to better incorporate growth mindset into their classrooms.

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    • However, 85 percent of teachers said they wanted more professional development to use growth mindset insights most effectively. While the central ideas are intuitive to many educators, it takes time and collaboration for them to filter down to daily classroom practice.
    • Because training is so spotty, there are also some key growth-mindset practices that are not being emphasized enough in classrooms, including:


      <!-- [if !supportLists]-->-   <!--[endif]-->Having students evaluate their own work;


      <!-- [if !supportLists]-->-   <!--[endif]-->Using on-the-spot and interim assessments;


      <!-- [if !supportLists]-->-   <!--[endif]-->Having students revise their work;


      <!-- [if !supportLists]-->-   <!--[endif]-->Encouraging multiple strategies for learning;


      <!-- [if !supportLists]-->-   <!--[endif]-->Peer-to-peer learning.

    • Beaubien and her colleagues at the Stanford Project for Education Research That Scales (PERTS – are offering online growth mindset training modules for teachers and encouraging grassroots efforts to spread effective practices.
    • Limit initiatives to those that support the big goal. “As we try to change and grow our practice, whether self-driven or motivated by policy or district-level change,” she says, “we will encounter more ideas than we can possibly implement in a year or even our whole career. It pays to focus on a smaller set of objectives, and for a while, selectively choose initiatives that fit those goals.”
    • Collaboration is key.
    • Within her school, she co-taught, observed colleagues, discussed goals (big and small), monitored students’ progress, and (with some trepidation) invited other teachers to observe her teaching and give feedback.
    • she visited other Connected Math schools and watched lesson videos at and

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