Thursday, September 1, 2016

Educational Resources & Tech Tools 09/02/2016

  • Several tips on how to make the most of Twitter for education.

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  • Character Day is Sept 22 and it's a movement to get all types of people thinking more deeply about character. Lots of short movies on this site explore different facets of character.

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  • How do you create an authentic STEAM project?

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    • STEAM projects, like all good inquiry learning, need to be driven by excellent, open ended questions.
    • Questions that require the learner to think like a scientist as they interpret the world, make observations and conduct experiments. Where the relationships between numbers, quantities and shapes are explored with the mindset of a mathematician. Questions in which an artistic response demands more thought than ‘what colour shall I paint the wheels’ and where the intersection of engineering and technology brings new ways of doing things. Good STEAM projects will demand learning contexts that generate novel solutions made possible only through the collaboration of each discipline and whenever possible should be driven by the questions students discover.
    • Engineering is also the field least present in traditional school models and as such may be that field which brings the others together as it has less to lose and most to gain in such a recombination of disciplines.
    • If STEAM is dominated by Engineering problems where are the opportunities for science to be the servant of art, or for technology to be the doorway to new scientific discoveries.

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