Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Parent CATIE 12/3/13

Yesterday, Chandler School hosted its third Parent CATIE (Conversations About Technology In Education) forum.  As a school with a one to one laptop program, we seek to educate all members of our community in the best uses of technology.  To that end, we invited parents to join us for a session on safety and social media.  We opened the session with a light-hearted video of Louis CK discussing the overwhelming urge to use technology because you can!  We then moved into a survey where we asked the parents to think like their children and answer four questions on how kids use social media.  We then compared the responses of the parents with those of the students.  Turns out, parents do know their kids!  Based on the information provided to us by the students, we then went over how to set safety filters on YouTube and discussed how children, and teens in particular, are using SnapChat and Instagram.    Below is material we covered with links included.

Social media safety
5 Ways to Keep YouTube Safe and Fun for Kids
  • Enable YouTube Safety Mode
  • Visit instead
  • Use Internet Filters
  • Keep the Computer Public
  • Speak With Your Kids

Snapchat (for use on mobile devices only)

  • hashtags (#somuchfun)

Social Media Tips

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