Thursday, December 5, 2013

Educational Resources & Tech Tools 12/06/2013

    • From the students, integration demands creativity, problem-solving, perseverance, collaboration and the ability to work through the rigorous demands of multiple ideas and concepts woven together to create a final product. Integration is not simply combining two or more contents together
    • By weaving the arts into and through our content in naturally aligned ways, we are providing relevance to student learning, and giving them an opportunity to connect their world to our classrooms
      • The keys to using Arts Integration successfully are:
        • Collaboration between arts and classroom teachers to find naturally-aligned objectives
        • Using an arts area in which the classroom teacher is comfortable (for many, this starts with visual arts)
        • Creating a lesson that truly teaches to both standards
        • Assessing both areas equitably
    • Sample Arts Integration Lesson Seeds
  • Transforming student learning through tech. Substitution, augmentation, modification, redefinition.
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