Saturday, April 2, 2016

Educational Resources & Tech Tools 04/03/2016

    • Computers and other pieces of technology are the medium through which instruction passes and have no more influence on student achievement than a grocery delivery truck has on our nutrition.
    • Situations where researchers have found positive effects from technology (blended learning is one) can almost always be traced back to how teachers use the technology to supplement or amplify their pedagogy.
    • Multimedia providing students with autonomy and control over instructional sequence – Very few students get this benefit; for most students, it has a negative effect.
    • “the medium seldom influences teaching, learning, and education, nor is it likely that one single medium will ever be the best for all situations.”
    • When students are polled about classroom preferences, there’s surprising support for traditional structures with only moderate use of technology. Given a choice of digital and real books, most students prefer the latter. Students advocate for regular access to human interaction and being able to work with a smart person at the front of the classroom.

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