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Educational Resources & Tech Tools 12/18/2015

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      • o when tech is doing the things teachers did, what do teachers do? Here are some ideas.
        • Relationships: When technology provides  the on demand lecture and feedback, teachers have more time to develop  relationships with students.  Students  want to be seen, heard, and known. Technology enables teachers to better know  their students for who they are as a whole as well as their talents, interests,  and areas where they want to grow.
        • Guidance: Young people need and  want guidance. Teachers can spend more time guiding and supporting students.
        • Tutoring: When whole class  instruction can be done using technology, teachers are freed up to do small  group and one-on-one tutoring. 
        • Digital Literacy: Teachers can play an important role in helping to support students in being  responsible and respectful digital citizens.
        • Learning Network Development: Connections are key and with technology we can help students safely make local  and global connections.  What if we found  a mentor for every student that could support them digitally and/or  face-to-face.
        • Cheerleader: Students love knowing  you know their accomplishments.  More  time to notice what students have accomplished. Discuss what that means and  give them support.

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