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Educational Resources & Tech Tools 05/30/2015

    • How could I organize the learning for the day for a group without actually meeting the group?
    • The first thing that I do is give some kind of content that I am going to share.  It is important to start with some content, even if it is something that some people “know in the room”.
    • After content is given, what I do is try to give a “reflection break”, where I actually give time to share their ideas on a simple google form, and also connect with people in the room.
    • I usually give people 25-30 minutes to take time to reflect but to also connect with others in the room informally.
    • Connecting with people in the room ensures that even if the presentation isn’t meeting the needs of some, the people in the room can fill those voids.
    • “What is one big question you have moving forward regarding today?”  The opportunity for participants to share a question, helps me to shape the rest of the day based on the people of the room and their thoughts.
    • the first 1-2 hours have a plan, and after that, we are going with the needs of the people in the room.
    • First of all, to be able to “go with the room”, you have to know your content area in a very deep manner and be able to push learning on the fly, but on the opposite end of the spectrum, you also have to be comfortable with not knowing everything and learning from the room.
    • it is great to be able to co-create the day with participants,
  • How to use Google Hangouts and record the sessions.

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    • Hangouts on Air have increased in popularity due to their ability to broadcast live discussions publicly on YouTube.
    • Up to ten people can participate in a Hangout on Air, but the number of viewers who can watch the live Hangout is unlimited.
    • Focusing on SAMR and TPACK, our PD options have included face-to-face Tech Tuesday sessions and virtual options found in our iTunes U course, "iInnovate: Teaching and Learning with Tech."
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