Sunday, October 12, 2014

Teaching Teachers

This past week, I set out to lead 11 of our middle school faculty through an afternoon of professional development.  For me, it's always a little intimidating to stand in front of a group of teachers and teach them about teaching tools.  Nevertheless, I surveyed the teachers before our session to get a sense of what they wanted to learn more about.  I LOVE using the scale tool on Google Forms.

I had the teachers rate each topic and then I averaged their scores, and also looked at the mode, to see that I had selected the right sessions for our faculty.

In the end, I chose to offer three half hour sessions on five topics (yes, I repeated a topic.) Here is what happened.  The teachers became so invested in their learning that most of them stayed with one topic the entire time.  Who was I to say, "stop your learning and move on to something else?" Below I offer up the topics and tools our teachers explored.

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