Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Educational Resources & Tech Tools 04/03/2014

    • Ten thousand is the number of hours it takes to become an expert in almost any field.
    • the most important part of that research is not how much practice someone needs to perform, but what kind of practice
    • This latter category is called deliberate practice and involves isolating what's not working and mastering the difficult area before moving on.  
    • Picture a classical violinist rehearsing. He or she would not play a new piece start-to-finish, fudging through tricky sections and trying to "be done." That musician stops in trouble spots, figures them out, and then plays that measure over and over again, and only moves on when it's perfect.
    • students don't think about their mistakes rationally -- they think about them emotionally.
    • Academic success does not come from how smart or motivated students are. It comes from how they feel about their mistakes. 
    • By the time students walk into your classroom, they've likely already internalized their mistakes as evidence that they're just not smart.
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