Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Prezi: A Spicy Version of PowerPoint

If PowerPoint is a merry-go-round, then Prezi is a roller coaster.  It zooms in, it zooms out, it zips here, there, spins upside down and after it's all done, your hair is standing straight up and you're back at the beginning.  That metaphor is not meant to detour you from using it, but rather to excite you about how your students will experience Prezi presentations.  Let me give you one more example of how Prezi operates.  If you are a Google Earth user, think of how you start off looking at the Earth from outer space.  You type in your address and before you know it, you are hurdling toward your home at breakneck speed, stopping just above your roof.  From there you decide to type in Nice, France (because you've always wanted to go to the south of France.  You zoom across the country and over the ocean to land on the French coast.  Now translate that experience to a presentation.

To learn how to use Prezi, I recommend watching the video below.  (Set aside about 30 minutes to watch and do.)  Jen Johnson, the instructor, is very detailed, but you get a wonderful sense of how to use all of the tools in Prezi without feeling overwhelmed.  Make your own Prezi as your watching the video; just pause it after each instruction and try the tool for yourself.  By the end, you'll have your first presentation completed.  Just remember, when you display your presentation, change the display setting in System Preferences to 1024 x 768 for a 4:3 ratio.

For more tips and tricks on Prezi, check out Dan Steer's blog post "The Best Prezi Tips I Found Today".

**If you embed your Prezi then make sure the embed code is https not http.  Did you get that?  Add an S.

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